Patient Information

Recognizing that the correct medical diagnosis, care and treatment of patients is achieved by not only putting into practice scientific knowledge, but at the same time developing care relationships with patients, Dikteon MRI is committed to the continuous effort to respond responsibly and effectively to the requirements and expectations of all our patients.

Patient Preparation

For your best service please contact the Patient Service Department at 22 000500 in order to be given all the necessary instructions for the preparation of your examination in detail.
For most examinations no special preparation is necessary. 

It is important

that you present previous tests with you of the same anatomical area being examined, in order to make a comparison, if necessary and/or if desired. For women who are considered with the possibility of pregnancy, you are kindly requested to inform our staff when entering our MRI center.

When you register

The receptionist will ask you some questions before you undergo the examination. You will also need to complete and sign a brief questionnaire and you will be asked whether you have undergone an examination, which might include the insertion of metal objects in the body (i.e. technical arthroses, technical/dental prostheses, metal stents, e.t.c).

You will be asked

to remove and drop all metal objects and accessories (keys, glasses, hearing aids, mobile phones, credit cards, etc.) in a safe space outside the magnetic tomograph area.

For the examinations

of the Upper and Lower Abdominal, it is preferable not to have lunched four (4) hours before the examination.

Patients with a pacemaker cannot undergo Magnetic Tomography.

Contrast Substance

When intravenous contrast is require, our Radiologic Technologist will explain you the procedure.

In cases of history of

allergic sensitivity and/or asthma it is necessary to contact the doctor of the MRI Center in order to recommend preparation of desensitization to the intravenous contrast to be administered to you.

Why choose us

Quality and Safety

Our aim is to provide top quality diagnostic services with highly trained staff. The operation of the center, based on the above contributes to the use of best international practices in order to provide a trustworthy and secure environment.

Our surroundings and modern infrastructure promote the friendly and polite approach of our staff to the needs of patients by projecting the team operating spirit for the best possible results.

Applying a multidimensional Quality Management System ensures:

Compliance & Implementation

with applicable legislation.

The effort

to continuously upgrade the level of our infrastructure.

The continuous training

of all administrative staff.

The confidentiality

of all sensitive personal data.


of the risk management process.


for the rights of our patients and moral values and ethics.