Frequently Ask Questions

At the end of the medical examination, our technologists will process the images of your examination and forward them to Dr. Christophoros Nicolaou (Radiologist) to prepare the medical report. Most of the reports shall be prepared within 2days.
Once the medical report is completed and signed by the Doctor, it will be automatically forwarded to the computerized department of the diagnostic center and registered in the program of the Health Insurance Organization (HIO) so that the doctor who has referred you will be able to check the results.
In addition to the above, the patient management department will contact you to receive the Digital Disc (CD) as well as the Radiologist's medical report.

The medical findings are originally published in English. If our patients request the publication of the medical report in Greek, it will be prepared and we will inform you so that you can receive it from the reception department of the Diagnostic Center.   

All examinations of our magnetic tomograph can be sent in DICOM format via an electronic platform to your doctor's email abroad.

Our diagnostic cente is fully contracted with the Funds of the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (A.T.H.K.), Health of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (A.H.K.), Banking Employees (E.T.Y.K.).
We also cooperate with all insurance companies.

For all patients of the General Healthcare System, each patient pays only the amount of 10 Euros that is specified from the Health Insurance Agency (HIA) as an additional payment. For private cases, the cost of each examination varies. Each examination is different, and completed in various times. For the cost of each examination, please contact the Patient Service Department at 22-000500. It is recommended that each patient ensures they have with them, his or her doctor’s referral, which might be needed to be sent to the fax/email so that patients are informed of any preparation