About Us

Welcome To Dikteon MRI

With an emphasis on General Electric’s modern and brand new Magnetic Tomography, the Dikteon MRI Center is now equipped with innovative medical technology that achieves diagnostic images of exceptional quality, increased diagnostic accuracy with maximum speed.

The long experience of our Radiologic Technologists at Dikteon MRI Center, ensure high quality examinations that will allow the Radiologist to provide optimal medical diagnosis. All examination protocols have been adjusted for the minimum stay of the patient in the MRI scanner without any reduction in image quality.

The comfort and luxury of the space offers unique comfort to our patients reducing stress and claustrophobia.

Our MRI has the ability to perform scans even on overweight people, while in relation to the comfort of the examination, the patient is given the opportunity to choose music of his choice.

Its special software programs make it one of the quietest, compared to other magnetic tomographs, while at the same time significantly reducing interference from possible metal implants in patients.

Who we are

Dikteon MRI Center is a pioneer MRI center that considers the provision of a high level of health services as a basic obligation to its patients.

As healthcare professionals, we are called upon to manage our patients wisely, seriously and with responsibility. Your positive response pushes us to the continuous improvement and development of our services.