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Welcome to Dikteon MRI

About us

With an emphasis on the modern and brand new GE MRI,  Dikteon MRI Center is now equipped with innovative medical technology that achieves diagnostic images of exceptional quality, increased diagnostic accuracy with maximum speed. 

The long experience of our Radiologic Technologists at Dikteon MRI Center, ensure high quality examinations  that will allow the Radiologist to provide  optimal medical diagnosis. All examination protocols have been adjusted for the minimum stay of the patient in the MRI scanner without any reduction in image quality.

The comfort and luxury of the space offers unique comfort to our patients reducing stress and claustrophobia.

Our MRI has the ability to perform scans even on overweight people, while in relation to the comfort of the examination, the patient is given the opportunity to choose music of his choice.

Medical Examinations

Our MRI scan  acquire images in all body areas including Neurology, Musculoskeletal,  Oncology, Urology, Female and Male pelvis and Cardiology cases.

 MRI scans of ALL types are performed in Dikteon MRI

MRI of the Brain

Magnetic Angiography Of The Brain (MRA, MRV)

MRI of the Pituitary Gland

MRI of the Internal Auditory Canal (IAC)

MRI of the Orbits, Face Or Neck

Scientific Team

Our scientific team, radiologists and technologists receive the best recognition
for their clinical knowledge and skills.

Why choose us

Quality and Safety

Applying a multidimensional Quality Management System ensures:

Compliance & Implementation

with applicable legislation.

The effort

to continuously upgrade the level of our infrastructure.

The continuous training

of all administrative staff.

The confidentiality

of all sensitive personal data.


of the risk management process.


for the rights of our patients and moral values and ethics.